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Dreams of Wings / Installation View
Dreams of Wings / Installation View
Mixed Media

Summer 2009

For one week in August I participated, along with 3 other American artists, in an exchange residency at Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. We had five days to create work that in some way responded to the general theme “Water”. In November of 2009, six artists from Thailand will visit the campus at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo as we host them and display their artwork.

This folder contains images of my installation from different points of view. I wanted to respond to my recent experience working to rehabilitate injured birds at a local wildlife center.

On the left, pixilated clouds pass by as sentimental raindrops cast their shadows. Sounds in the room can be recognized as birds, crickets and frogs but as one listens more closely the pops and distortion of recording devices interrupt the illusion.

On display in the adjoining space, a series of small figurines representing various birds are placed carefully on little shelves. As one looks closer, it is apparent that they have been broken. Some of the pieces are missing but there has been an attempt to put them together. A cage hangs high on the wall but no bird is inside. Representations of the birds have become substitutes for the real.